Cannabis Invest UK Conference

Cannabis Invest UK is an exclusive event bringing together the world's leading cannabis companies with London's Institutional and High Net Worth investors.

World's Leading Cannabis Companies

Cannabis Invest UK will feature the senior management teams of some of the largest public and private cannabis companies in the world. The one-day event on April 26, 2018 comprises a fully catered session at central London's exclusive Mayfair Hotel, including group discussions, company presentations, and the opportunity for investors to have private 1x1 meetings with leading cannabis industry executives.

Institutional and High Net Worth Investors

Cannabis Invest UK is an exclusive event only open to London's Institutional and High Net Worth Investors. The event is solely focused on various investment opportunities within the current cannabis landscape.

The Global Cannabis Investment Opportunity

The ongoing legislation of cannabis in North America, Europe and elsewhere is creating a once in a generation opportunity for investors in the sector. The industry boasts an already enormous market - the United Nations estimates that in 2015, 183M people worldwide consumed cannabis. From zero just a few years ago, the legalised medicinal cannabis market is expected to exceed $30 billion by 2020. The recreational market has potential for in excess of $150 billion globally according to various industry estimates. During 2018, major new recreational markets for cannabis are opening up, including California (January), Canada (July) and continued growth is expected in numerous European and US states following medicinal legalisation in 2017.  Medical research is proving new and important benefits of cannabis products for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses in coming years.

The UK's Leading Cannabis Investor Conference

The Mayfair Hotel // London, UK // April 26th 2018